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GHRL about

WE’RE JUST BEGINNING OUR JOURNEY… together. Stay in the current as we grow; sign up for news and announcements. Opportunities for awakening are coming.

Our Mission

Our mission has been and remains simple: To help the totality of humanity to awaken as much as they can to the truths of who they are and where they’re going, to bring into focus the innate divinity within human embodiments, and to dress down the dim matrix of lies that has shrouded your eyes from the light of your own truth for eons.

Be part of the wave that shapes our collective destiny. Contribute to GHRL’s ongoing productions.

About GHRL Ltd

GHRL Ltd has been created to provide meaningful support to carefully selected individuals/teams supporting humanity’s global awakening. We anticipate taking on a range of projects in helping their co-creators realize the dream they have of bringing their works to a wide audience.

Our initial project in conjunction with F00lishPe0ple is a film/video production communicating the messages for humanity conveyed in the works of Maryann Rada. This first project is based on Maryann’s book Remembrance: Pleiadian Messages in Preparation for Contact (Logbooks of the League of Light, Volume 1). This project is well underway with a target release of the production in 2020.


We envision collaborating on each project with other heart-centered individuals and teams to produce the works. For our first GHRL production, the team from F00lishPe0ple has stepped forward and has blended exquisitely with the GHRL Ltd folks to form a single team. Jointly we are creating a production of magic and love to share with the world. John and Lucy Harrigan are wonderful souls and have arrived at just the right time and with the precise mix of skills and love and ritual to bring forth this creation.

Lois Temel and Bill Houston are the co-creators who have been guided to form and lead GHRL Ltd. Other good souls, preferring anonymity, also participate.

Who We Are

about Maryann Rada

Transmitting through the lens of Nine, Maryann writes as the terrestrial contact point for the Pleiadians of the League of Light. The writings and other creative work is all in partnership with a higher consciousness and extends through time and space to modulate through the DNA-attuned download to come into service to awakening humanity. Her website, Nine’s Path, along with a library of books, is the culmination of lifetimes of work on a mission to open eyes, minds, and hearts to a deeper experience of love and being. Her book, Remembrance: Pleiadian Messages in Preparation for Contact, forms the basis for GHRL’s first project, the feature film Lightships.

about Lois Temel

Lois Temel is a RADA-trained actress who has international credits as a performer/devisor and producer for stage and screen. Her television debut was in the U.K. series Casualty, and her film debut in Victoria and Abdul. She owns and runs the production company Blue SiSTAR, and has produced immersive film and stage work in places as diverse as the Namibian Desert, a British royal palace, a church crypt, several castles and Catherine deMedici’s wedding bed. She has recently returned to the U.K. from touring the globe (from the U.K. and Europe to New Zealand and Australia via the USA) with her award winning one-woman show Beerey.

about John Harrigan

John Harrigan is a writer, director and founder at and is one of the earliest pioneers of immersive theatre in the UK. His work has been commissioned and presented at the Institute of Contemporary Arts, the Arcola Theatre, the Horse Hospital and throughout the UK, the United States and the Netherlands. He has collaborated with companies and organisations such as Secret Cinema, BBC, BFI, Wilderness Festival and the Royal College of Art. John’s first feature as writer and director, Strange Factories, premiered at the London Cinema Museum and was featured in Filmmaker Magazine and Wired. Strange Factories toured the oldest independent cinemas in the UK from 2013 to 2014 as a special live cinema event, inspired by the phantasmagoria of the earliest cinematic touring shows. Armageddon Gospels, his second feature film as writer and director, is due for release in 2019.

about Bill Houston

Bill is a farmer of ideas and a nurturer of dreams. After a long, successful career as a business executive in the energy industry, for his 3rd act he has found himself immersed in helping heart-centered teams of creatives bring their ideas to a wider audience. Utilizing skills acquired from many years in business, combined with the unique perspectives and energy of the creative community, he is instrumental in bringing dreams to life for the greater good.